Poetry – Women of Hope

Dedicated to the women fighting to gain recovery from addiction.

Quiet and subdued..
I long for something new
And choose to walk away
From habits that took me
And lies that hurt me
Oh the tragedy and pain.

The end of me
Came to You
I longed to run back home.
But one second led to one day,
One week, one month..

This is where I belong.

I feel every emotion
Every hurt and offense.
I cringe and retreat

I feel again.

Who am I?
A lost and missing soul
Living outside the norm
And blinking back tears unknown.
For the me they see
Is not who they think..
I’m growing from His grace.
And it’s a mystery,
But it’s real,

something stirs in this place..

I found a family away from family
and to them I cling..
Our journey is universal
But our stories unique..
In every daily movement
We come together, we sing.
We try, we come, we breathe.

Each moment repeats,
Illusion sets in,
But hope rises
To bring me back again.
I stay.

I fight it, but I pray.

Lifting words to the unseen
But not unknown.
He knows the beat of my heart,
My cry, my anger, my soul.
Oh my God, why, why, why..
For some answers I’m denied.
For others it’s clear.

I belong here.

We are Women of Hope..
Living through crisis
Denial, acceptance, and truth.
Living to be
More than we see,
A living gift in God’s victory.

Some days I’m challenged
My mind plays games.
Hushed to silence
In the history displayed.
But I refuse
To lived abused
By Satan’s mindful ways.
The more I see
Of God’s truth in me,
The more I long to stay

Something stirs in this place..

We are perfectly loved
Imperfect in our ways
Our sins may differ from your’s.
But hear me now,
My sisters and I
Are treasures forever more.
Just like you.
Forgiven and free
Broken, rearranged,
Knit together again,
Our worth we see.
Our value intrinsic
Our hearts secure
Our minds are changing fast.
Bound in Spirit,
Clothed in truth..
Is a redemption story
Of Women God always knew.

We stumble, we fall,
We stand up tall..
And we gain
More than this world offers.
So, we stay.
A million beginnings we embrace.

Father God, thank you.
For the women in this place.
For meeting us where we are
Untangling our tangled past
Writing a new song
Thinking new thoughts..
Walking me through feeling
The feelings I fought.

Thank you.
For those you used
To guide me here..
Who fought for me
All those years..
Thank you for encouraging
me to stay.

We feel you God
..Stirring in this place.

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

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