Poetry- Souls Retreat

Silent whispers
Within the dark
Blackness beams
Like winning art..
And shadows fall
Within the light
Forbidden sound
And forbidden sight..
But here my soul,
Where quiet peace,
Is bound beyond
What I see.
And pieces lay on barren ground,
A broken woman,
Lies here now.
The tale will tell
Her painful retreat,
Into herself,
Where there she’ll meet..
The honey-sweet lovely face,
Who loves as love
Against her fate.
And smiles free in humble care,
As light and breath
Await her there.
Inside these walls is unending peace
And hope that never leaves.
She roams where souls go to be,
To feel the joy
Of roaming free..
A glimpse behind, she sees the grief,
Where the world ends,
And begins her peace.
But it’s temporary.
She must go back,
Where life remains,
Boldly walk another day..
Tremble and cry,
Frown and fail,
Life gusts repeat within
the dark of worldly sail.


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