Authentic Truths- God in our Midst

A Pandemic on the Rise

I began watching this tragedy long before it became constant news in the U.S.. Something struck me as I saw the numbers climb in China. When the media began reporting more and more, I told my husband, “there’s something their not telling us.”

A few weeks later, we heard the words pandemic. Stunned by the response on social media, I quietly watched as people posted that it was fake, or not a big deal. Confused, I wondered if they had noticed the death toll or the rate this bug spread across the globe. I’m not an epidemiologist, viral specialist, or infectious disease doctor, but I knew we had a problem here. While others shook their head, I watched the numbers rise within days.

We are now further into this unprecedented worldwide illness, and moods have shifted. The conspiracy folks are still out there, but for the most part, people are taking it seriously. Their jobs are now gone or at risk. People are facing the real challenge of a long term lockdown and financial risks. The next month is uncertain, returning to ‘normal’ feels questionable. Perhaps, we will find ourselves embracing a new normal at the end of this challenge.

Gather together in new ways.

As we gather through viral means, the internet has become a blessing. More people are coming together than ever before. As people complained two weeks ago about ‘shutting down the church,’ I kept saying this will be amazing.

We took the church outside the walls to reach millions! My pastor reported this past weekend saw the highest single-day attendance recorded for our church. The power of the internet strikes powerfully for those of faith!

There is joy in watching communities come together, neighbors be neighbors, and strangers care for one another. Neighborhood Facebook groups are being used to seek help with household necessities. I hope the hoarding frenzy has been set aside in light of the reality this is here to stay. Now is the time to come together, not hoard ourselves selfishly.

Power in the Name of Jesus

I am filled with peace while dealing with respiratory distress. Before anything, I am a believer in God, a daughter of the King. I have faced this world head-on since childhood, and those battles gave me strength. I have no fear, unrest, or lingering doubts. God remains my constant and will walk his children through this disaster.

I am unable to get out there and help at this time, but I pray. I believe in the power behind gentle words of hope and declaration. I know God above hears our prayers through Jesus Christ, and responds in ways we may not understand or see. Faith takes on new meaning in times of unknown and hope leads the way. Believers all over the world are united and on fire for Jesus.

God did not do this, but he will work through it, and we will see good come out the other side.

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

~ 1 Chronicles 16:11


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