Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Talent”

Talent leads to prosperity and content.

It has amazed me over the years to watch the astronomical payday for those who play professional sports. My son loved his football and basketball. To think kids work at perfecting their talent, and eventually make millions playing the same game they played as a child, is crazy. That is the world today. The possibilities are endless for the select few with natural ability and a dedicated work ethic.

I have navigated the gifts process for years now. I love to write for the Lord, be it devotional-based, public journaling, and chronicling of my mental illness journey, parenting, or poetry. Putting words to reflect the inspiration God gives me has been my humble pleasure. The longer I write, the deeper we go. He is the ultimate companion and lifts me to new levels of joy, wisdom, and self-direction. While, I’m no millionaire, I’m full and prosperous.

Choosing the opportunity to expand.

As I face midlife, I ponder what is next. I believe there is more to come on the speaking front. My heart tells me to push forward; my mind swings from setting up a business, obtaining banking accounts, marketing, and client approval. In the back of it all is the fear whispering, “Am I good enough?”

Recently added to the Christian Women Speakers database, worry set in. Am I ready? Can I do it? The questions are endless. The prominent one being, “Do I have the talent for this?”

God has provided me multiple platforms to share my story of salvation and continued faith in the face of numerous trials and tribulations. I am not new to speaking, yet taking up that notch is scary. I am a great success story and testament to the love, redemptive power, mercy, and mighty power of Jesus Christ. From the childhood sexual abuse that began at a young age to the resulting mental illness of bipolar disorder to the battles against addiction, pornography, and other major life issues I face in my family- God provides and cares. His presence throughout the highs and lows of this life must be shared.

I have reached five minutes, so let me conclude with a word of hope and encouragement.

God knew your talent before your mother knew your heartbeat. Trust Him and see what He can do!

Your talent has purpose and a future.

5 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Talent””

  1. Such a wise “final word of hope and encouragement”! Thanks for sharing – I pray the Lord will continue to bless your speaking engagements!


  2. I thought myself upon the stage,
    speaking of my cancer-walk
    but now I’m on another page,
    for (Surprise!) I cannot talk.
    I can gesticulate and sign
    (ASL, I’m learning fast)
    but I’m running out of time
    and I know this cannot last.
    So I’ll write, with fingers fleet
    about the hope that’s in my heart
    that sets my death as a defeat
    for the devil who’d tear me apart.
    In silence, let my words ring true;
    My Rock, I shall cleft in You!

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