Poetry-Sweet Goodbye

If I disappear

Don’t look for me.

Let me sit in the mist of peace.

Don’t cry, don’t call.

Let me be

where all is left behind.

If I disappear,

Look up..

See me in the blue,

Watch me in the clouds,

rolling by.

Stand on white sand,

Look as far as you can see.

I will be among the waves.

Crashing where I am free.

If I disappear,

Know I meant to go.

Where the sting cannot reach,

Flying with the birds,

Where the air is the

Only barrier I face.

I chose to go.

Intentionally free

From life’s prison

To constantly be.

No more.

I’m now free.

Let me go. Let me go.

Shed no tears for me.

For where I am,

I’m quite content.

I run, or fly, or walk in silence.

My long lost dream.

Every worry now released.

If I disappear,

just forget and

leave me behind.

Live your life

And I’ll live mine.

Life’s prison I escaped.

All is left behind.

Nothing will I take.

If I disappear,

Life loses,

I’m finally mine.

2 Replies to “Poetry-Sweet Goodbye”

  1. Lisa, my bipolar son DID disappear. It’s been a year and a half this month. These words were exactly him. Exactly. I wish I could “let him go” like I know he’d want me to. I wish I could gladly embrace all things you so eloquently gave word to. I wish that I could believe that his illness didn’t take him to the place of no return… but I’m afraid it did. I hope he found the reality of what he was so desperately was searching: all the things in this poem. I love/hate this poem with all my heart. Any (other) words for those of us loved ones so affected by this illness too?

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