Five Minute Friday- Day 13 of 31 Writing Challenge


As soon as I saw today’s word, one thought spoke loud. So many on social media worry about the ‘numbers’. Everyday this week, I read posts asking, “Have your numbers dropped?” Translating to panic in the the reach of their platform, content, sales, etc.

I love blogging. This empty canvas has filled me with great insight into myself, and I pray that it opens a door of communication as it speaks to you. I have never been a ‘reach’ person. I’m not about influencing anyone, but more about educating people on the real-life journey as a Christian with Bipolar Disorder.

So, in my case, the reach that matters most is God in me. He has reached into the secret places of my heart, and given me the courage to share difficult and personal information. When he enters my mind, healing begins. My life is a toast to mental health victory in part because of my time preparing to write with God. He doesn’t allow me to produce shallow content. If I can’t reach in beyond my comfort zone and trust Him, then there is nothing authentic here.

May we all look for influence from the Most High before we attempt to influence others. If your reach is important, make sure it aims for Jesus first.

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