Poetry-Society Gone Mad

For fear of success

We hide in shadows

And claim no opportunity.

And we watch the others

climb and rise.

Then call them enemy.

But who is the enemy?

Sabotaging a beautifully

Paved road?

Who runs the other way

And sits comfortable

In the known?

We can’t cry foulplay..

Unfair, inequality.

When dozing

night and day.

Can’t claim anything

But our own lack

of motivation.

Stuck in our own

Selfish way.

For fear of moving forward

Why cry fear of defeat.

And shrug off every encounter

That offers possibility.

Then there’s laziness.

Waiting for success to drop

From the sky.

“I don’t do hard work”,

“I won’t commit to this”.

“I’ll stay right here

Where the land is dry”.

Afraid to get your feet wet?

Your hands dirty?

Wrinkle up your clothes?

Life takes hard work and dedication.

Determination and motivation.

As every successful person knows.

So stand up,

Make your bed.

Brush your teeth

Get dressed.

Stand for something more

Than ‘my right’


Whatever that means.

Be more than laziness

And whining.

This is 2019.

With endless opportunities

If you’re willing to focus on you

Instead of cry offensiveness,

And never do what

you need to do.

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