Authentic Truths- Killed In Action

I’ve always been an avid supporter of our Veterans. As a young girl, I understood that these men and women once made the decision to be a defender of the United States of America, and I had a deep respect and appreciation for what they did.

I have made a point to cheer for all servicemen I know. I ‘adopted’ a soldier in 2006 as my penpal and hero. I wrote letters weekly and I was one of the fortunate penpals, as he wrote back. Every letter was ended with a sincere sharing of my gratitude and how proud I was, finished with, “I will write soon, thank you, my hero”.

In May 2007, I received a letter that was a bit more down than usual. A letter that actually gave me chills. He explained that things had changed in his area, and he may not be able to write as often. He also said the skies were lighting up and often it sounded like thunder rolling in.

I know the tears that fell from my eyes that day were tears of love. Love for a man I never met, but one I cherished for his commitment to me, to you and his country.

On May 28, 2007, Alexandre and five other of his brothers were
killed in action when their Humvee was hit by an I.E.D.

The representative from Soldier’s Angels (the organization that linked Alexandre and I) had a horrific job to do. They picked up their phone, and called me. As I heard the words, “I’m so sorry to inform you that Alex was killed last week”, I was heartbroken. The cheer that I had lifted for months was now a sob, a deep pain that left me breathless and on my knees. Even as I share this with you today, I have tears in my eyes.

Don’t ever stop the cheering for our brave men and women, who choose to serve their country. It doesn’t matter what you think of the cause of the day, who the President of the United States is, because at the end of the day, they are just doing the job they signed up to do. They are there to serve and protect the United States of America. Cheer them on, and most importantly, give them your love.

R.I.P. Alexandre Alexeev.. you are deeply missed my hero.

Alexandre Alexeev-His story

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