Poetry- Inconvenient

Inconvenient emotions

Bringing others down

Inconvenient feelings

Hide them.

Hide them now.

Inconvenient time..

Let’s talk later.

Inconvenient time to

Ask a favor.

For every aging


Has an aging child.

Who puts them off

“Later”.. “In a while”..

Work is priority

Car, mortgage, kids,

Friends, vacations..

Time is missed.

Inconvenient mother

Inconvenient father

Waiting in understanding

For time to matter.

Facebook is no connection

Nothing will replace

Time together, laughter shared

When sitting face to face.


Taken for granted,

Year after year.

Inconvenience will be forgotten

When they’re no longer here.

Take the time now.

Let them know you care.

Remember inconvenient

Will be your pain

When they’re no longer there.

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