Bipolar Life- False Truths

Finding truth after the lies.

I came across this meme today.

The words have probably been shared a million different ways, all with the same meaning. All profound to the broken heart, broken spirit, and broken mind.

Somewhere along the path to today, we either received a word of discouragement regarding who we are, or we began the slow chant inside our mind.

“You are pathetic.”

“You are unlovable.”

“You are a waste of time, energy, and space.”

As we sauntered along the lonely road, the choice words replayed quietly in the background of our thoughts. We bombarded our being with lies, until the lie became our false truth. Once we believed it, there was no turning it around. It was branded deep within, where lies go to cling and suffocate the innocent carrier.

One day, you wake up. You realize the truth of who you are and grab individual false truths and unravel the thorny vines. Once free, you take the remnants and throw it away with the garbage. Some minds resemble a vineyard with acres and acres of growth. The process of replanting will take years.

You’ve got this. In you lies the strength of a warrior. Engaged in warfare of the mind, your training elevates your skills. You are well disciplined and capable of the overhaul necessary to reshape your mental grounds. The preparation that brought you to this moment will gracefully come together as you cultivate new vines. The new vines will harvest a beautiful identity in truth; authentic truth, not the false truths of the past.

“You are confident.”

“You are lovable.”

“You are worthy.”

There will come a moment, as the fire burns the old monotonous words, when you experience the release. As you watch all the pain rise with the smoke, you finally say goodbye.

Today is a new day.

Your thoughts are empowering and accepting thoughts.

This is who you are.

This is who you always were.

This is who you will always be.

<unedited, authentic>


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