Authentic Truths-Pray for the Cold Heart

We must continue to pray!

We, of course, pray for the many people in the US who have been personally impacted by Las Vegas, New York, and Texas, not to mention the many smaller scale incidents that take place all over this land every day.

I wish it was as simple as using the law to remove every gun. I wish that scenario would successfully and completely eradicate the problem. Like the drugs epidemic that plagues us, those hearts that desire to commit crimes, will walk down the alley and purchase their weapon of choice. Still, there are laws that need to be re-evaluated, and sharpened as a deterrent. No one will convince me otherwise.

The problem we face today is far greater. Each tragedy began with one thought, in one evil heart. It appears the majority of these criminals don’t care whether they live or die. Therefore, they have no sense of feeling, no compassion, no care towards the beautiful souls they attack. They have lived uneventful and normal lives, much like you and I, so there is no mental health related history of any kind. Their mental health downfall began with one thought, and that thought grew into an evil plan, sometimes formulated over years and months, some times decided only hours before.

They are someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother. For some reason, they began to hate, and that hate in their mind infiltrated their heart, rendering it cold and dark.

Tonight, as we try to make sense of senselessness, as we pray for those suffering incredible loss today, or this past week, or this past month, or over the past few years, I remind you to start praying now for the hearts that are cold and dark. Pray for those who have filled so completely with hate, that they no longer view the beautiful smile next to them as something beautiful. Pray for one person, one word from anywhere, to intervene in their hate before there is a plan, and to show them a saving glimpse of love, grace, mercy and goodness. Pray that the words of Jesus will flow so freely out of the mouth of just one person, that they might wake up to see the light they’ve been blinded to for so long.

We can make laws to remove guns, my impression of criminals has always been they don’t believe in the law. So if that is your ONLY cry through these horrific tragedies, you are missing the fact of the internal evil that first takes hold, before the trigger is ever touched.

We must armor up folks. You must be able to share the gospel message of hope, love, forgiveness and mercy with every person you meet. You must start opening your Bible and reading the Word for yourself. Trust in the Lord to guide you, to supply all you need to be a capable, willing soldier in His army!

God is the cure giver- and you may be one part in his mighty plan to reach the broken, to change a heart, to grow his kingdom. You must be prepared.


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