Poetry-To Kneel As One

To the men that take my son onto a field of fire.
To the men who teach him football, about a winning desire.
I take a moment to thank you, before my God and King.
For though the field was meant for battle, you showed my son the greatest thing.
On bended knee they each would go.
Heads bowed, hats removed, silence bestowed.
A gentle moment on the toughest field.
God given precedence, that fire would yield.
In prayer they lifted their thoughts, to God they there would speak.
They took a couple minutes, reminded they were free.
I stood aside and watched, often I joined along.
I knew only one thing, this was something special, this was loving God.
You may have taught my son formation, fundamentals they now know.
But I pray it is that devotion, in their hearts so deeply sewn.
Let them know that God was first, on every field they played.
When led by their coaches, they bowed together and prayed.

-For the coaches who stand for truth, for God.

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