Poetry-Art by the Almighty

the sun has fallen behind the billowing clouds..
the pink and orange hues have infiltrated the skies..
the beauty of a sunset unfolds, right before my eyes..

as the shade of day fights to hold on..
yellow fades and in comes a misty blue..
and there to the east appears, a shiny sliver of the moon..

as the final moments close out for day..
the moon is shimmering overhead, quite clear..
I find it an obvious observation..God’s brilliant gift is here..

and as if on cue, a simple twinkle on high…
God winked at me, with a single shining star…
just so I know, though I can’t see him, He’s never very far..

When the day falls below, and slowly leaves my sight…
When night comes forth when told, and I can see the dark..
God shares with me His beautiful display, what I choose to call, His art…

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