Authentic Truths-Shut Up and Pray

..this won’t take long.

I’ve watched this country be on a rant about one thing or another for many, many years now. With the implementation of social media now basically a common necessity to live (it seems)..those rants come daily in one form or another- from politics to faith- the spectrum of items to complain about is out of control.

I’m not pointing fingers here, I’ve done my share- this weekend I ranted about the terrorist cricket that wouldn’t shut up and let me sleep!

But I am going to put it out there to the humans, namely the believers- SHUT UP AND PRAY!

Posting rants on social media isn’t spreading awareness- in my opinion, it has spread more discourse than anything. Have you noticed how brave people have become, how disrespectful and downright cruel towards ‘any’ other human they deem ‘worthless’, a ‘waste of space’, ‘unnecessary’ by the very words they type so ferociously to share!

We want this peace to permeate the land, for every man to be treated equally, for every kindness to be offered to every individual- unless you don’t agree with their opinion. Then everyone better grab a shield and duck from the word grenades and insults that are thrown like flaming arrows!

Chill out folks. If you want to make a difference, get out there and actively make a difference and contribute in a meaningful way to the people you believe you are so vehemently speaking on behalf of, on a computer screen. In cyber world. Where maybe 35% of your ‘friends’ actually see what you put so much anger into posting.

Don’t be fooled, while opinions are great, that’s all they are, and they don’t make any greater impact for this world. You aren’t educating anyone, people are capable of educating themselves.

I’ve learned it is a far greater success to actually walk the walk on the issues we find passion for, than to rant and rave in a cyber world where the only action needed is to hit ‘send’. Don’t be so busy complaining about the world, that you never take time to pray for the world. took longer than I expected. End RANT.


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