Quick Reflections- In Christ

Some call me strong.But no, it’s not me.I am weak.I am tired.I am broken. It is Christ in me who holds me up.He pushes me on.He carries me. He is my strength and rock.A foundation of all I am.I am but a jar of clay holding a priceless treasure..Christ in me. Through every trial I …


Five Minute Friday- “Generous”

I realize I am stuck in a piece of my past. Am I hindering the gift of generosity the Lord has placed on others? Or the blessings He intentionally showers on me? All because long ago, one person made my entire existence something I owed him? A burden no child should ever know.

Five Minute Friday- “Root”

A single sprout of hope, acceptance, determination, resilience, and perseverance. Watered by faith and the deep, deep confidence that all was well in my soul. The joy of knowing my God has this and He has me. Beauty rose again.

Quick Reflections- That Insanity!

You are leaving the insanity of a situation that you’ve probably lived through for years. You are allowed to walk away and love from a distance. It’s the interaction that changes, not your love. They won’t like it, accept it, or understand. That’s not your problem or responsibility.

Quick Reflections- Letting Go vs Giving Up

“I don’t like the words ‘give up’ because that’s not what family members of people with substance issues do. We stop being in the addiction. We stop assisting the addiction.” We don’t give up, we let go.

Podcast-“Fearing Death”

“They asked if I had any prayer requests today. So, I answered,
“Please pray for my daughter. It is hard to wake up every day wondering if she is alive.”

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Writer In Retrospect

"When I am writing, I am trying to find out who I am..." --Maya Angelou



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