Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Chapter”

I love this week’s prompt! I feel this one heavy on my heart waiting to be explored and written. Let’s go.

This past year has challenged me personally and professionally. I am not sure I’ve weathered the storm like a boss, but I did come through weathered. I’m not looking for much recognition in my life. In fact, I prefer a quiet victory over a proud one. Yet, as I reflect, I’m not sure there is a victory in this chapter. Perhaps surviving is the win, and growth is the achievement.

I have quietly considered the next phase of my journey. There are circumstances that alternate light between stay and go. Just when I believe the direction is clear, a see a flicker of guidance leading in the opposite direction.

I ask, “Lord, am I blessed with making the decision and You will lead no matter what?”

“Am I supposed to stay planted and continue the work You began long ago?”

“Should I throw in the towel and know You are already writing my next chapter?”

Many people will say the last option is always the truth. I disagree. God affords us many opportunities to lead after prayer. I hear Him, “I am with you wherever you go.” Free-will is a blessing and a curse in moments like these.

I always had this deep hope wherever I go would be drawn out with crayon, evenly spaced, and written in basic form.

God doesn’t work that way.

I feel the inner turmoil being comforted by His presence. He is aware of my uncertainty. My Father is aware of my reserved approach and calculated movements. I often respond to people in the same way. Calm and obedient to a voice meant for me.

Today, I can’t hear.

Where are you, Lord? Have you decided to wait quietly as I review where we’ve been and contemplate where I’d like to go with You? Have you scribbled your plans before me and I’ve yet to see? Are you busy writing the next chapter while I take the time to decompress the last?


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6 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Prompt Word “Chapter””

  1. I like a quiet victory,
    for I tire of the loud,
    and therefore prefer to see
    a silent and adoring crowd
    who come to pay me meet respect
    in an awed silence;
    smile and bow and genuflect
    without need for ushers’ guidance
    to not pay homage noisy, crass,
    but leave me to my labours
    that I need not kick them in the donkey
    but instead return their favours
    by making sure that they are able
    to pause at my bookselling table.

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