Five Minute Friday- “Fast”

My grandson is about to finish elementary school and move to middle school. Time has passed fast, and I am an emotional nana because I raised my boy since second grade. How did we arrive here so fast

This young man has lived bold and strong through trials children shouldn’t have to endure. He is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and a joy to be around. People tend to love him because his heart shows through. We connect on many levels and don’t on others. But our hearts never separate. 

As he marches toward those teen years in the fast lane, I hit the brakes in hopes of slowing the inevitable down. Life has not been kind to his sweet childhood, but he has valiantly overcome many obstacles. How are kids resilient and strong when I feel weak in the same scenario? It is purity that seems with a different lens we lose sight of early on. 

We never know what the future holds. Will he finish middle and high school with his papa and nana? Will we be blessed to watch him grow into adulthood? His little life has endured the unknown for years. For that, I often feel angry and sad. He didn’t deserve these cards, but his fast and impressive moves gave him a winning hand. 

I pray no one ever interferes with his opportunity in this world. I pray the poor decisions of those in his life never hold him back or devour his motivation, kill his joy, or suffocate him with unjust struggles. 

Today, I ask for your prayers over this young man- the Lord knows his name and every hair on his head! Thank you.

If you are a parent of a loved one in addiction and raise your grandchildren, I invite you to peruse the blog for inspiration and understanding. Latest blog: The Reality of Living Grief

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