Poetry – Lost in Change

Waving above

In a gentle breeze.

I watch the stars come and go

And the stripes bend and fold.

A reminder I am free.

They can not remove

Each powerful wave

And smack upon the pole.

They cannot burn a symbol

They hate..

Or erase the history told.


Exhausted even comes to mind.

Of rants and raves

And stolen days

Of ignorant and blind.

Of hopeful peace

Hijacked hope..

And terrorist schemes.

This is America.

Land that I love.

Where all walk free

Even in protest

And destruction we see..

Theft is not reparations

And it will never be.

Fancy nails, cell phones, cars, houses, food..

Tell me, what are you missing?

What’s been denied?

Brutality I give,

Actions amid profiling, I give you..

Gentrification I agree..

But where is the ‘lack’ of opportunity?

I see success all around,

Brightened by every color.

Cycles are meant to be broken,

Or round and round you go.

Insanity defined,

Generational propaganda.

Don’t like the road ahead?

Change which way you go.

You are free to choose.

Did you know that?

Have you tried that?

You are free.

The flag is lying quiet now,

Resting from the wind.

A reminder of this blessed land,

Resting tonight, again.

Still, somewhere out there,

Men and women begin again,

Their rant and rave,

Under flags that wave,

Their freedom to walk free.

To assault the brave

And spit on their freedom

Until it’s taken away.

Lives are lost, but your humanity is, too.

Yet, our flag still stands for freedom,

Their freedom, no matter what they do.

So pounce the streets tonight

Will it suffice, to enrage

And never engage

…you leave it hollow..

Empty.. Barren..

The bridge,

the tunnel,

the path..

That leads to change.

Peace, Lisa

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