Five Minute Friday- Prompt word- “Direction”

For years I have ignored the direction God has led me. He wanted me to be a speaker on the topic of mental illness. I skirted past that call and began writing a blog on mental illness instead. Believing this would suffice because I am still using my voice in a loud authoritative way, all be it behind a screen silently.

Over the past year, the call turned more into a hollering match.

“I want you to go and tell others I love them in their mental illness mess.”
I replied, from my small corner, “No. I don’t have time. I don’t have the experience, professional title, published book, or know-how.”

Still, my Creator pushed and pushed through my pathetic excuses.

After all this time, I have decided to pursue His lead and challenge myself to trust and obey. If God says I can, then I can. Through my doubt and fear, He will raise a mighty voice for those left feeling voiceless, powerless, and lost in a Christian world that works differently than they do.

While I currently stand in the center of the crossroads, unsure of which direction to turn, I confidently seek His will and know the wind will shift when the time is right.

For now…. the preparation continues. <timer done>


4 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Prompt word- “Direction””

  1. I love that you’re answering God’s call to do this and I think there is huge potential for you to bring hope to many! God’s power is made perfect in our weakness and he will show you the way!

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  2. The only professional qualification you need is heart, and you’ve got that in spades.

    God wanted me to write the road
    that He has sent me down,
    of loss’ gall and cancer’s load,
    and of feeling like a clown
    who’d boasted of his blessings,
    of ability and ruddy health
    and who now must be confessing
    that something else is wealth.
    These riches are not stored away
    in heaven’s brightly gem-strewn vaults,
    but are taken now, in every day
    regardless of its myriad faults,
    for every grim and brooding hour
    holds in its heart a precious flower.

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