Bipolar Life- The Journal #62 “Was I in December?”

just a small note….

Sitting at work like, “Was I even here in December. When did the sun come back? What just happened to 2019, was I even in it?”

And that’s depression. I was so down in darkness, I never saw the light that was here the whole time. I was disconnected. I do not remember being here, working, preparing, and getting the job done-still I got it done.

That’s what depression looks like folks. From the outside, many times it’s never seen. Sure, I heard the ‘you look tired today’ comments, but to most people, they’d never know the place I was living in. It’s okay ‘they’ didn’t need to know, a couple people in my circle knew, and checked in.

I feel like I emerged from a deep abyss today. The gift of time for myself-to heal, to grieve, to think or not think, was priceless. I knew I needed it, but never imagined this feeling of rising I am experiencing today.

God works in mysterious ways, even in the center of our depression and pain.

#neverdoubt #GodisGood #riseagain

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