Poetry -Broken Ties

Will it last beyond the silence?

Will cordiality see us through?

Can we overcome the pressure

that life has put us through.

And can I see past the differences,

the opposites we face?

Is there something more between us?

Is this canyon to wide today?

Battles infiltrate, and truths exposed.

Of uncommon barriers, and lost hope.

Challenges arise, our resolve seems to wilt.

We made it through before, but now, our hearts are still.

Beating out of sync,

The sad tune evades..

The hope, once alive,


So where do broken hearts go?

Lost is the rhythm of beating souls.

Tears have dried while flowing unseen.

And life drifts by, casting a darkness where light should be.

I wait for the answers, or ignore the truth.

And dream of better days when I know what to do.

Which it is, I do not know.

As my grip tightens with force, to something I cannot hold.

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