Poetry-The Cancer Fight

Where does strength come from?

That smile shining bright.

Where did you get the courage?

To stare cancer in the eye and fight?

You confronted one obstacle,

Then tackled the next.

Loving others along the way

Offering your best.

While energy fled

and answers elude

Others you sustained,

In the presence of you.

Time became the enemy,

But joy remained a spark.

Others saw despair,

You showed them your heart.

Each round of chemo

took a deeper toll.

Still, your smile beamed

Or so your story told.

We watched from afar,

prayed through our tears.

hoping for the gift of life

beyond statistics years.

And as the end rolled in,

Your confidence displayed,

Hope in eternity

Comfort in His grace.

Peace was your motto

As you said goodbye.

And shrugged through their questions

of unanswered why’s.

We thank you for your dignity,

Exhibiting your light.

For the beauty experienced

in your cancer fight.

God bless those in the storm.

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