Poetry- Gravest Sins

The gravest sins and darkest souls,

the birth of a Son

prophecy foretold.

In the deepest seas,

and the highest peaks

you came for me.

One life to give

one heart to grieve,

one Son of man

to die on a tree.

You stood among men, you loved the least.

and provided the bread

our living feast.

No one could fathom,

no one could see

the journey you wrote

was written for me.

You walked alone,

endured the crowd

the faces you met

forgot somehow.

Tortured for sin you never lived

beaten for lies

you would forgive.

The ground ran red,

your blood ran free.

you bled for me; Bled for me!

Your cross to bare,

the veil was torn

as many left

thought it done,

but others mourned.

Death would lose to victory.

The Son of man

who lived as planned

rose for me.

The King of kings, our Lord of Lords

alive to tell

deaths fallen sword.

My gravest sin has now been met,

Redemptions mercy

would forget.

Change my ways

remember the cross.

Dedicate life to Christ,

a Savior to the lost.

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