Poetry-The Warriors Cry

I ran the path of heated flames, and staggered in through memories gates.

Where deadly truth and restless sin, laughed before inviting me in.

And their smile lingered in bated breath, our eyes locked in staggered step.

As light began an ominous retreat, just in time for evil’s deceit.

I gazed upon that fires flame, that took my only breath away.

I scanned for light, but couldn’t see..past the darkness drawn for me.

Voices shrieked in tragic sound, of souls defiance all around.

I dropped a tear in mournful cry. “Is this the place I’ll surely die?”

Are those my cries among the throngs, isolated within, but shrieking on?

Are the flames illuminating a darkened cell? Where faith dissolves in fiery hell?

“Cry out” escapes from hidden rooms, somewhere behind depressed gloom.

And strength breathes beyond my breath, to raise me up in flying step.

And I feel their words like gentle wind. In and out, and back again.

For just one moment, I drift in flight…to feel the presence of God on high.

Without delay, I seek His voice, beyond the clouds and stolen noise.

I hear the warriors crying out, broken words, but free. All for love, they call upon, the power to rescue me.

I see each step I took in flames, as I ran through evil’s sordid game.

And before the flight comes to end, I see the place it all began.

Where heavens word and faithful serving, took a turn into evils living.

And prison bars held me tight, and darkness found an in.

The place where distant faith flourished..where hopeless would begin.

Only in this journey, do we come face to face.. to watch evil’s plan overcome by goodness of God’s grace.

Where fire consumes all, but flames still ignite.

And hope comes to rescue and recover, as it sweeps away in flight.

For all the warriors praying, who lifted me through despair.

God used your humble obedience, as He powerfully met me there.


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