Five Minute Friday- Pace

Timer set..Go..

I am on vacation and spent my day on the beach. I left behind the rush of life for a change in pace. A bestfriend weekend getaway that we indulge annually. An extended weekend of friendship, love, and a ocean gazing.

It took less than an hour for my body to gauge the environment and without effort, calm and surrender accompanied complete relaxation. The next few days will include a lounge chair, an umbrella, and possibly a fruity frozen adult beverage. We will talk for hours, sit silently together, and walk side by side for miles. The pace is slow and steady, with intentional release.

We live busy lives. The struggle to keep up, sit down, do more, do less, or stop, is exhausting. I refuse to endure the burn out this world creates. If I kept the pace of chaos my stress conditions would escalate and my health decline.

“Be still.. And know I am God.” (from Psalm 46:10) distinctly reminds us of God’s presence within this world, our lives, and our heart. While chasing goals, we forget to keep God’s pace and not our own. This trip is about many things, but for both of us, it is about stepping on the brakes and hitting reset.

Maybe we should do this more than once a year!


I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules when taking part in Five Minute Friday. (well the one rule).

Pompano Beach, Florida 2019

8 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Pace”

  1. If I could have one day of rest
    from cancer’s heavy burden,
    I’d be much closer to my best;
    of that, I am quite certain.
    It really would be very nice
    to walk upon a sparkling beach;
    with friends, it would be paradise,
    and we could wander side by each.
    But this is not my place, today,
    I cannot venture far or near
    because each step, in every way
    impales me further on pain’s spear.
    I’d love to have a breathing spell,
    but vacations aren’t allowed in hell.

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