Poetry-The Moon

Every night I walk into the shadows that day leaves behind.
I stare at the moon.
It sits alone-among millions of stars.
And I realize,
I know how that feels.

Though it shines bright in the dimly lit sky,
it possesses no light.
It’s a dark, lifeless place.
And I realize, I know how that feels.

The reflection of light that radiates so brilliantly-sitting alone, for people to either observe, or never notice- appears nightly,
without being asked.
And I realize, I know how that feels.

I turn to walk away..
Because to realize so much in one glance is more than I can take.
But before I close the door behind me,
I turn around and peek one last time.

The moon has a purpose, though we take it for granted.
The moon is truly beautiful, reflecting the greater light.
The moon is constant, for at least one weary soul.

And I realize, I know how that feels.

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