Bipolar Life-Solitary Freedom

Sometimes, I like alone.
The silence is refreshing and accepting. There are no questions. There are no answers. There is just this peaceful sound of nothingness.

I know many people who are unable to be alone, in any capacity. They will not go to a grocery store alone. My mind has always been unable to wrap itself around this concept. Is it fear that puts them in a place of deep need? Is it low self esteem? What makes a person unable to experience the peace in being silent with oneself?

When I enter into my chosen solitary confinement, I find me. I, all too often, am bombarded by a life of choices and consequences of which I never took part. Whether or not I was actively engaged in those choices, I am entangled in the consequences. By way of responsibility, love, and devotion to the innocent.

So my precious solitary time is priceless. All the controversy, and turmoil melts away. I feel the comfort of my heart beat. Some call it their happy place, but this is far beyond that place. It is pure, a gift for the broken and extinguished. A quiet retreat into my own being. Within will forever exist peace, hope, light, and love. I desire to be there more than anything.

In this place there is freedom.
I hope you find it too.


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