Quick Reflections- In Christ

Some call me strong.But no, it’s not me.I am weak.I am tired.I am broken. It is Christ in me who holds me up.He pushes me on.He carries me. He is my strength and rock.A foundation of all I am.I am but a jar of clay holding a priceless treasure..Christ in me. Through every trial I …


Authentic Truths-“World Without Logic”

I typically discuss mental health and addiction. Peppered through these posts are content pieces outside of those topics. This is one of them. People are leaving the church fast and walking away from faith. When life gets hard, they are turning to other means to cope, ensure, survive. Beyond that, people are putting self where …

My Memories- Chosen Self

The athlete, the competitor, flaunter, tease, academic, worker, they all found time to be present. In experiencing life with all these spirits, I learned a great deal about compassion, pain, and cries from within. What others didn't see, I saw magnified.

My Memories- Glimpse the Sadness

...Unfortunately, every night became a haunted nightmare, and to survive, I closed my eyes and flew away. With my baby sister in the bunk bed below me, I endured the torture, hopeful he would leave her alone. I would shed a tear in the darkness and whisper in my mind, "don't move… don't move..don't wake up…don't see.."

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Grace for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

I Have Some Feelings

Amateur Artist, Amateur writer, Professional Amateur

Writer In Retrospect

"When I am writing, I am trying to find out who I am..." --Maya Angelou



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