What is Authentic Truths?

Raw, real, open, and true.

Welcome. This is a place for me to share my authentic life and the impact of God’s authentic truth. The love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace of Jesus Christ is for us all. This blog journey has a focus on the collision of Jesus meets my bipolar mind, but also the many other ways God touches my soul every day. I am not focused on one niche. I write what is on my heart in the following categories:

  • Bipolar Life: Bipolar living & personal journal which is always unedited and authentic
  • Authentic Truths: general, non-specified Christian issues content
  • Addiction Sucks: A mother’s view into addiction
  • Lost & Found: Life’s journey through the empty nest-my life, my reality, my story
  • Five Minute Friday: once a week, world wide link up
  • Poetry
  • Random Thoughts (politics, life, nature, and other things on my mind)
  • Beginning September 2019– Daily Dose-Mental Health Devotional

Whether you are a fellow writer, reader, or looking for a speaker, I hope we can connect!