I’m the Ugliest Girl I Know-by Being Lydia!

Originally posted on Being Lydia!: That title is a quote from Pink’s acceptance speech at the VMA awards and refers to what her 6-year-old daughter, Willow, said on her way to school one day. However, it is something I said many times myself at that age and all through my life. Pink’s speech is very… via …


Close these eyes and clearly see All the times gone by. When dust is back to life again Swirling about my eye.

Atlantis Award Poetry Submission Deadline: October 1st — the poet’s billow

We are looking for the best, most unique, and interesting poems out there for the 2017 Atlantis Award. There are no restrictions on length, style, or subject. We just want poems that make it so we can’t stop reading, ones that make us want to write. Deadline October 1st. The Atlantis Award is given for […] …

Lost & Found-Amused

The more I share and listen to others, the more I find I am not alone. Life was never easy. Honestly, many days, life sucked. I did not want to be where I was in that moment, especially in my childhood. I certainly prayed and cried myself to sleep many a night, just to wake up and find myself on the same ride.

Bipolar Life-Desirable Weakness

Many who have remained hidden somewhere in the background. Fear stomping her fight. Shame draping over his shoulders like a heavy stone cape. The burden, effortlessly, weighing her down.