Authentic Truths-Come Alive!

Many things were obvious- this group of believers lives for Jesus, this group of believers trusts in His healing power, this group of believers are not ashamed, or embarrassed to worship the Lord, loudly, quietly, together or alone (just like me)..There was a sense of being home in their presence, while home in the Lord.

Lost & Found- Messy Life

We have spent so much time taking a million pictures to be able to post just one perfect view, that we have forgotten all the other frames we left behind. We cleverly show family photos where even the clothes match- I don’t know one family that leaves their house dressed identical, EVER.

Authentic Truths-Pray for the Cold Heart

I wish it was as simple as using the law to remove every gun. I wish that scenario would successfully and completely eradicate the problem. Like the drugs epidemic that plagues us, those hearts that desire to commit crimes, will walk down the alley and purchase their weapon of choice.

Authentic Truths- Blind Trust

Every day I woke up, I chose to smile again, to feel again, and to love again. When the moments were too hard to bare, I ran forward and jumped into His arm, and when facing God in my broken mental state was too difficult, I simply let go, and fell back without sight, and without fear, and gently placed myself in his loving hands.

Five Minute Friday-Invite

While I may not be a saint at being inviting, I know that I have shared His amazing glory with all I have met, and to each, and every soul, He extends the special and individual invite to come to Him.