Montagnard Christian refugees in Cambodia fear imminent deportation

Emeka Ofili

Montagnard Christian refugees in Phnom Penh fear imminent deportation, as the number of police guards outside their residence has risen to as many as ten, since 20 March. One refugee raised concerns, saying, “So many police of Cambodia came to guards us … and so many [of] their cars … We are very worry about deporting to Vietnam.” The Cambodian government’s Refugee Department [?]

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Pro-Choice Is No Choice — Inspirational Christian Blogs

I’m telling you, pro choice is no choice. Somebody says, “Well, now wait a minute. A woman’s body is her own body.” But we’re not talking about her body; we’re talking about the body of a little baby. Freedom of choice is not the freedom of choice to kill someone else. “Well,” you say, “the […] …

Authentic Truths- #IAmNotAfraid

You ask 'them' daily to die for you, when He chose one day in time, to die for all! That is power, that is love, and it is one thing you will never have in the dark abyss of your hate and shame.

Authentic Truths-Denied Healing

When you chose Christ, you chose the Spirit to live within you, bringing us through our pain and circumstances into a complete forgiveness- repeatedly. That same forgiveness God pours out for us we are now able to pour out to others.

Authentic Truths-Speak in Love

The one problem I have with such blogging is the glorifying that goes into the description of one man’s interpretation of hate. His words often insight hate in themselves, and are always directed at Christians, clumping all of us into one bad Christian category.

Authentic Truths-Praying for My Country

Our society has changed so much since I was a child. Respect seems to be an admirable quality of the past- respect that was once taught from an early age, and expected, has seemed to fly away with the age old idea of writing a letter to a friend..

Five Minute Friday-Release

I have not turned away from God, or stopped trusting Him; on the contrary, my only refuge in this storm is Jesus Christ. Saturated with fears and anguish to the core of my being, my release comes every day as I share the truths of my heart with Him.