Authentic Truths-Praying for My Country

Our society has changed so much since I was a child. Respect seems to be an admirable quality of the past- respect that was once taught from an early age, and expected, has seemed to fly away with the age old idea of writing a letter to a friend..

Five Minute Friday-Release

I have not turned away from God, or stopped trusting Him; on the contrary, my only refuge in this storm is Jesus Christ. Saturated with fears and anguish to the core of my being, my release comes every day as I share the truths of my heart with Him.

Bipolar Life-The Journal, #3

Nothing about my story is special. Not the pain of my past. Not the surviving I had to do. Not the suicidal thoughts I've lived with. Not one single health difficulty, physical or mental.

Bipolar Life- The Journal, #1

The feeling of doom settles so deeply in your veins that it crushes you. My stomach took on being the teacups at Disney the rest of the day, my chest lifted weights the rest of the night. My mind refused to shut off.