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Mental illness is a topic worth talking about within the faith filled community. I am here to talk about it.

Authentic Truths within a Bipolar Mind

Welcome to Authentic Truths! My name is Lisa Wenn and I am the writer behind the name. I have been writing my entire life, and began blogging about four years ago.

I have lived with bipolar disorder since my early teen years, but was diagnosed a decade after that. I am married, with four children and four grandchildren. I work full time as a church administrator, am a Stephen Minister(?), and love being a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a Christian woman with bipolar disorder. My journey is not unique, but it is worth sharing.

My primary focus is sharing life relating to bipolar disorder and the successes and failures of managing it. From recognizing triggers to stress management, I aim to share the authentic truth of my journey. Understand this, some days I feel strong and other days I don’t. This is my space, my journey, and my feelings being written. If I whine, I whine. If I preach, I preach. Whatever I am inspired to write, I will write. I make no apologies. This is the AUTHENTIC TRUTH that I have experienced in my battle to live as a Christian with bipolar disorder.

I pray that my small voice will be heard in a community of survivors. I pray for the words to reach those most in need. I also pray for leaders that take up these issues and finally bring acceptance, understanding, and care to the one illness that is most neglected- Mental Illness.

Additionally, I write poetry, Christian based content, articles on my empty nest and the next phase, current issues, random thoughts, and I take part in the worldwide gathering called “Five Minute Friday”. I incorporated my hobby writing because that is a part of who I am as well. This isn’t just a ‘niche’ blog!

“Search” the following categories for specific topics:

  • Bipolar Life: Bipolar living & personal journal which is always unedited and authentic
  • Authentic Truths: general, non-specified Christian issues content
  • Addiction Sucks: A mother’s view into addiction
  • Lost & Found: Life’s journey through the empty nest-my life, my reality, my story
  • Five Minute Friday: once a week, world wide link up
  • Poetry
  • Random Thoughts (politics, life, nature, and other things on my mind)

What People are saying:

  • Your willingness to open up such personal deep hurts and griefs with such transparency and with such detail–in the hope that all of us might gain a deeper insight into the problems of depression and suicide–makes me thank God over and over again! -Anonymous
  • Such a good post! Thank you for sharing your heart on this word and reminding us that we aren’t called to be comfortable… -Moriah S.
  • Very encouraging post to read this morning… –Stacey
  • Thank you for your transparency and vulnerabity… -Tara
  • Thank you for the challenge to rekindle the urgency of sharing God’s grace and salvation. Jackie
  • It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain.  -Kellie
  • Great encouragement to me who is on the leadership end of this..-Tobi

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