The Face Behind the Blog

Lisa Wenn- Speaker & Writer for Christ

I am married, with four children and four grandchildren. I work full time as a church administrator, am a Stephen Minister(?), and love being a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a beach lover, mountain climber, and a horrible singer. (but I love to sing)

You will not find a niche blog here.

However, my primary focus is sharing life relating to bipolar disorder as a Christian. I aim to share the authentic truth of my journey through depression, mania, and anxiety. Each of these areas involves a distinct connection and healing through Jesus Christ. I do NOT have all the answers. I am no expert with a degree; I am an expert in experience and managing what could be a debilitating disorder. 

If you are battling mental illness, I invite you to come along, be inspired and encouraged, find relatable content, and a friend who understands.

“Search” the following categories for specific topics:

  • Bipolar Life: Bipolar living & personal journal which is always unedited and authentic
  • Authentic Truths: general, non-specified Christian issues content
  • Addiction Sucks: A mother’s view into addiction
  • Lost & Found: Life’s journey through the empty nest-my life, my reality, my story
  • Five Minute Friday: once a week, world wide link up
  • Poetry
  • Random Thoughts (politics, life, nature, and other things on my mind)
  • Beginning September 2019– Daily Dose Devotional

What People are saying:

  • Your willingness to open up such personal deep hurts and griefs with such transparency and with such detail–in the hope that all of us might gain a deeper insight into the problems of depression and suicide–makes me thank God over and over again! -Anonymous
  • Such a good post! Thank you for sharing your heart on this word and reminding us that we aren’t called to be comfortable… -Moriah S.
  • Very encouraging post to read this morning… –Stacey
  • Thank you for your transparency and vulnerabity… -Tara
  • Thank you for the challenge to rekindle the urgency of sharing God’s grace and salvation. Jackie
  • It takes incredible courage to tell your story. Thank you for sharing and letting people know that there is freedom from the chains of pain.  -Kellie
  • Great encouragement to me who is on the leadership end of this..-Tobi