FMF- “Spring”

The first sign of spring arrived yesterday. Our tiny neighbor makes his appearance annually by saying hello through the lobby doors at work. My friend, the squirrel, consistently visits every March. He used to show up with a companion, but I’ve yet to see her. Their presence reassures me that warmer temperatures are coming, and my favorite time of year will return.

Winter is a hard time for me, and everything from my mood to my metabolism and energy seems to respond negatively to cold, short days. I have battled seasonal depression for years, and I must intentionally keep myself above the waves of emotional mess. I watch the rising sun take its place each morning and then vanish behind the Rockies at night. My home sits in a perfect location to witness both.

Many out there experience the same issue in the fall. Things turn darker, and melancholy takes hold. I fight to maintain my sleep schedule, eat properly, exercise (but that is a year-long battle) and keep up with general health maintenance. Spring is like a rocket that propels me into awareness and healthy desires. It awakens the sleeping bear in me.

As our days get longer and the kids can be heard outdoors playing, I smile. I made it through another season of intense sadness, and in fact, I made it through better than I have in years. Setting goals to work through this season boldly, I didn’t want to revisit the past or linger on today’s events. I chose to hold on to hope, disciplining myself to see God and not the sad feelings that emerge.

My mental wellness meant more to me this year, and I made sure to take care of myself. Spring comes as an extra dose of vitamins and nutrients to my soul. The waters are pouring down, and I am invigorated and ready for the beautiful newness to begin.

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8 Replies to “FMF- “Spring””

  1. Love this! This speaks of the past few months for me, also. Darker, shorter days always weigh heavy on me, too. Thank you for putting these words down to remind me I’m not alone! FMF friend #22

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  2. Thank you for being so real and honest, and encouraging others to self-care. The lack of vitamin D in the winter months certainly does impact one’s mood, especially if you are already struggling. God bless you, Leisa

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  3. There are some with courage hidden,
    walking winter’s weary road,
    trying to do as God’s bidden,
    but they bear such a heavy load
    of sorrow through the dark cold days…
    and yet they will laugh and smile,
    and will just flat-out amaze
    us with an admirable style
    that says this will not drain their hearts;
    not SADD, nor any other foe,
    for life is whole, not made in parts,
    and so we watch them, learn and know
    that there are giants on this Earth
    to whom travail has given birth.

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