Five Minute Friday- Day 18 of 31 Writing Challenge


Is this an active ministry? I intended to share my journey as a bipolar survivor living in Christ. Does every post point to Jesus? Well, every post points to survival with Jesus in me. Can I improve my writing to reflect the position of Jesus in my life better? Yes, I can.

If my story in Christ can point the mental health community to a relationship with God, is this a service with a particular purpose? I am unsure. I actively share the Gospel truth and relate to the healing that comes through Jesus. As I take this to the next step and speak to his goodness, healing, and truth, is that a service?

Or is the truth that we are all active in the ministry of Jesus Christ? Are we walking in that responsibility at all times, and taking it as seriously as we should? Jesus is not part of my life; he is my life. So it is up to me to live unashamed and fully submissive to God.

That admission changes things and makes my life an active ministry. Clarity brings transparency.

4 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Day 18 of 31 Writing Challenge”

  1. I don’t now how to keep this going
    for days are simply cancer-strife,
    but I have learned what is worth knowing,
    that Jesus is my life.
    Prosperity Gopel melts away;
    Health And Wealth is total loss;
    all that’s really left is to say
    is that Christianity is the Cross.
    If this is real we must assume
    that come the Fall, come the flood,
    the only boon that we presume
    is offering of the Holy Blood.
    Without the torture and the tomb,
    all left for us is our doom.

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  2. I’m so glad you were my neighbor at Five Minute Friday this week. My mom lives with bipolar as does my sister. I know it’s realities all too well. Praying for you,

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