Five Minute Friday- Day 11 of 31 Writing Challenge


I remember the first time I lost my footing in the deep end and began to panic. I must have been five years old, and we were in our pool at the apartment complex where we lived. I recall a large man grabbing me and tossing me up on the pool deck. I don’t think he walked me to my mom, or whoever was there. He just threw me up, saving my life, and that was that. I took swimming lessons within a couple of years, but never forget those few moments of terror in the deep.

Life has mimicked my near-drowning on multiple occasions. For some experiences, a mystery presence showed up to rescue me, and other times I had to doggy paddle my way out. Either time, I was in over my head and lost my grounding. Life unfolds like that occasionally. Whether we expect it or not, we all will step into the deep. The key is preparation for when you do.

Jesus knew from the get-go, his life would end early, and with the greatest sacrifice of all time. No one else was born with a final breath date. We all know it may happen, but the exact time is unknown. Jesus not only understood, but he knew the pain he would endure when that moment came. Still, his love was steadfast, leadership remarkable, miracles plenty, and his heart would change a world. Every part of his life story is preparation for our own.

I no longer fear the deep. When life viciously tosses me in, I swim for Jesus. He died for me and my eternal life with him.

From the moment we met, I have practiced my technique. An expert, I know how to hold my breath for a second and find my way to Him. Like he held his hand toward Peter, he reaches out to me.

“Take my hand, Lisa. Take courage. I am here.”

With peace, I reach for the author of my salvation, and the hope of my life. His light casts out my fear. His love reaches all depths. I choose to live in complete surrender to His position in my life. That position is over my shallow places, and those in the deep.

Amen and thank you, Jesus Christ.

3 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Day 11 of 31 Writing Challenge”

  1. The waves are getting higher now,
    and I must hold my breath
    and try to figure out just how
    I can escape this drowning death.
    I can no longer turn my head
    to right, and left is kinda shoddy;
    tumours compel me instead
    to turn my whole darn body.
    But hey, it really could be worse
    as down this road I go.
    I meet every cancer-curse
    with “I could be ugly, soft and slow.”
    So let’s be of bright good cheer,
    and yes, I’ll have another beer.

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