Bipolar Life- World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. Social media pages will impress the importance of awareness and support. As a survivor of mental illness, I appreciate the attention these few days throughout the year bring. We have mental health day, suicide awareness, depression awareness, and anxiety awareness, to name a few. While the social media platforms will flow with support, do the warm bodies behind the screens do the same?

If 1 in 4 of us will deal with a mental illness at some point in life, then look around and take notice. Someone in your tribe or circle is suffering right now. A friend you’ve not heard from in a while, or a relative who passes on family gatherings. Imagine this, the person who struggles may be the bright and cheery leader of the pack. That person everyone else turns to in a time of need may be hurting and afraid to step out and tell anyone. 

Why? What harm is there in admitting my brain is broke? The perfect rhythm of those chemicals that bring our mood and responses together is off. Did you know it is possible to smile on the outside while sobbing on the inside? Have you ever heard, “You seem fine.” Then walked away from the conversation you tried to have because they just don’t get it?  

I understand the ‘you seem fine‘ comment. I am a strong warrior with a voice and passion for others like me, living with mental illness. However, those around me tend to forget I suffer. My faith and His strength are the force behind my powerful march through life. Many on the outside would never think I have bipolar or anxiety. They see a bold Christian woman. I’ve been called inspiring, encouraging, and authentic. I am all those things, but I still struggle, stumble, and fall. I am not alone, we are many, and we are living well!

So here is to another day that brings awareness to the fight of mental illness. Thank you. Thank you for noticing the lost faces of those on the margins, hiding in fear. Afraid of a society that fears mental illness! Worried about the conversations that need to take place, medication they can’t afford, therapy or counseling they cannot find, deductibles they cannot meet, and family and friends they cannot trust. 

For all of you out there managing, getting by, waking up every day, working that full-time job, going to school, or being that excellent parent who maintains a home and family- YOU ARE AMAZING! Please remember to keep fighting. Your life matters, and you are loved. A stranger on a screen understands your fight, and I admire you. 


11 Replies to “Bipolar Life- World Mental Health Day”

  1. Thank you for shedding more light on the topic of mental illness. I have a sister, who suffers with being bi polar and I am sure my dad did too, looking back on his behavior. I have one brother who lost his battle literally on the end of a rope. I have periodic major depression as do several of my siblings. The stigma really stinks and made worse by well meaning Christian sisters that don’t get it. Yes, I can be both a faith filled Christian AND have mental illness. My faith is what keeps me from doing harm to myself but some days can be very dark. Our Pastor’s wife shared her journey through depression to our congregation and that one simple act of obedience showed me one person truly understood and she is a Christian I look up to. That and transparent woman like you, willing to share your story, give me hope. We are not alone!

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  2. I am a person with a mental illness. I have bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and deep depression. I have tried numerous times to kill myself but praise God ( and a huge thank you to a really good husband, family, friends and church family who are very supportive) it has been five years since I took those 50 Tylenol and God in His mercy and compassion spared my life again. It is so good to have a fellow blogger- a Christian- who writes about bipolar disorder. God gives me strength and has used me to help educate my husband, family, friends, and church family about the world of mental illness and depression. Thank you for your post. I apologize for writing a lengthy answer but I just felt it needed to be said.

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