Five Minute Friday- Day 4 of 31 Writing Challenge


Yesterday, I wrote about taking the time to stop and focus on our always present Lord. So, it seems convenient to reflect on the next step in that process, listening.

For people like me, who see a problem and want to fix it now, to pause and listen is a challenge. Looking back, I am not sure I have done this as often as I should. I can confess that those times I accomplish the practice to pray, hush, and listen, it has been impacting. The overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit shows up, and there is a physical reaction of some kind.

Reflecting on those moments now is the motivation to take my time back. Our hours are precious, and we can’t allow the world and its problems to imprison us. Wake up earlier, stay up an extra hour, but it is imperative to our relationship, growth, and stability to spend this time with God intentionally with complete silent surrender.

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