Poetry-Destination Home

Destination: Home

(I hate cancer)

No more poisons around..
Nothing to stop this heart..
No roads with stones to block..
nothing to endure our time apart..
When eyes have closed forever,
and the broken is left behind.
When times have ended abruptly,
home won’t be hard to find.
The tempers no longer flair,
no need for tears of pain.
Disease and famine aren’t there..
No nothing will ever be the same.
Those who fought hopelessness,
finally get to see.
All that God had in store..
for those who held one thought, to be free.
In Him we seek peace,
and it is what is found.
This life as we know it..
No longer matters, profound.
It takes just one moment,
and security is yours to hold.
When upon the final breath,
you find your way ….home.

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