Daily Dose-Mental Health Devotional for Confidence He’s There

The first time I opened a Bible I opened to the book of Psalms. The first scripture I read spoke to my heart and my broken spirit. King David was crying out to the Lord with thanksgiving and pain. I may not be able to recite the entire chapter, but four words implanted themselves in my mind forever,

“You heard my cry..”

If you know David, you know those words well. I think He repeated them his entire life. Knowing his history of adultery and murder gave me hope that I could be a daughter after God’s own heart. God loved David for his convicted heart. Through turmoil, David praised God. Through genuine repentance and confession, God forgave and extended mercy. The simplicity of their relationship calls to us all.

In depression I open myself up to doubt and fear. In mania I open myself up to a sinful nature beyond comprehension. In both, I lose sight of God and the beautiful creation He evolves in me. Through the trials in these two sides of my bipolar, I cry out for help and God hears my cry.

Through my healing, I know I am never alone. My Spirit is renewed and my joy restored when I trust God to keep me in his presence and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

What must you release and confess to experience a renewed spirit and pure heart? Do you trust Him to meet you there? Say a prayer of confession now and let your healing begin.

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