Five Minute Friday-Again

Here I sit, again.

With more on my mind

than I care to admit.

While filled with peace,

I still feel..

Is that anxiety, uncertainty?


No. There is no fear.

There is this deep longing

for finality in this years long battle.

You know, many know.

I share, and I share.

I cry out in words and silently in prayer.

For help, for answers?

For intervention?

I cry some days and I don’t know why.

This road has been long Lord.

You have watched me stumble, fall,

rise, and stumble again.

You heard my doubts,

and calmed my anger.

You held this broken soul.

You gave me a place to be

when I had nowhere to go.

You and I together,

sat through lonely nights

With phone calls and police

and drunken fights.

And you patiently waited.

For me to say, “I can’t, you can,

I won’t, you will.

You are, I’m not.”

You held my hand up in worship,

and said, “Another song, Lisa, another song.

While I thought I was so alone,

you were there all along.

You cradled me like a newborn babe.

Wrapped me in cloths of love.

You stayed.

When I fell in desperate leave,

you whispered, “Again, Lisa, again.

You had my back Lord.

You comforted the fallen soul.

A discouraged mother

at the end of her rope.

Because though I am mom,

I am still your child.

Beloved unending,

to the end.

I am your child,

you reign on High

as my Father,

my King,

my daddy.

My everything.

Here I sit, again.

Waiting for a tomorrow

you say not to worry about.

Again, I fight to not worry.

I go back to the beginning,

and I remember all you’ve done.

For all the answers I do not have..

Again, the only answer I need,

is…You are the one.

(and with that, we stop at 5 minutes 10 seconds…)

I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules when taking part in Five Minute Friday. (well the one rule).

2 Replies to “Five Minute Friday-Again”

  1. This is so heartfelt and lovely, Lisa.

    You inspired this – I hope you enjoy it.

    And so it all comes ’round again
    like the gophers in my yard,
    mocking me in this pain
    and why must all be so hard?
    It seems a treadmill edging faster
    pushing more, every day,
    and pointing me to sure disaster;
    have you, Lord, nothing to say?
    But I can drive the critters off,
    and pull the treadmill’s power cord,
    and it’s my duty not to scoff
    but to find You in Your Word.
    I find You, Lord, so amazing
    when I look up from navel-gazing!

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