Five Minute Friday-Five

One word. Five minutes. Go..

As I pondered the word five, all I came up with was four.

I had four children. I have four grandchildren now. I had four grown-up ‘jobs’, two in dentistry and two in office management. I rented four places before I bought my first home, I am on number three, but plan to move back to Florida, where I hope to buy my fourth and final home, in four years. I just completed healing through my fourth surgery in as many years.

Four seems to be sewn into my life, and I never considered it. I wonder why. The coincidence is unusual.

Perhaps I should make five a part of my prayer life, and change this routine up..

Father God,

Please set up the perfect assignment to cross paths with five people in need of your light and love today. Fill me with the wisdom, words, or perfect touch of kindness for each individual.

Please open the doors of opportunity to make a path to publish five books to kick off a new career. Your time, your subject, your lead.

As I walk with you as your servant, I pray for five areas to dedicate my time in ministry, all to your glory. You lead, I will follow. Use me, Lord.

Take my finances and lead us in five impactful ministries to support. Bless us abundantly that we may serve you.

My time has ended, and this took a few extra minutes due to a power outage of FIVE minutes.

I will be expanding on those prayers.. But apparently they are meant to be personal..

God bless and keep you all!

I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules when taking part in Five Minute Friday. (well the one rule). Join the party!

5 Replies to “Five Minute Friday-Five”

  1. They say I need a five year plan,
    but what if I don’t live that long?
    Will I become a hollow man
    in an interrupted song?
    Will I thus be tried, convicted
    of that which I have failed to do,
    though I was meanwhile sore afflicted
    and did my best to see it through?
    All the worldly accolade
    falls to completers of the task;
    but nod, please to those in the shade,
    an acknowledgement they’re too shy to ask.
    The victors earn their brimming cup,
    but so do the losers who still show up.

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