Lost and Found- Identity Crisis!

Most moms feel this tug at some point. As the years fly by, and you become a wife, then a mother, then a grandmother, people begin to know you more by the role you keep. I have been “George’s mom” forever! Literally! When you have a child as a young teenager, you spend all, but those few years before, being a ‘mom’. I attended high school with my lil man on my hip, walked the halls with him in my arms, delivered him to the nursery, and even back then, I was known as ‘George’s mom”.

Then I became Ashley’s mom, Craig’s wife, CJ’s mom, Jonathan’s mom..and as my own kids grew, I became Zaiden’s nanny, then Harlee Rae’s nanny.  Let‘s not forget Jeremiah’s mother in law, and Janelle’s mother in law. And always, Jan’s daughter, Mindy’s sister, and friend!! Many titles for one lady!

It never bothered me much, I was in and out of schools, doctor’s offices, sporting practices and games, so that’s just the way it goes. Then suddenly, without warning, those reasons for not being Lisa, but someone’s mom, slowly became far and few between. My youngest son is a year from turning 18, he is my baby, but my role has already begun to shift in many ways. Some days, I’m not needed at all!

A year ago my oldest son started playing on the church worship team. He is a wonderful, newly married young man, with a great personality. He quickly made friends with his fellow band members, and he and his new bride joined a small group. They are clearly making new connections. I had been attending this new church for a couple years on and off. I’ve joined as a regular attendee, so I’ve branched out to volunteer in different capacities, in hopes to meet new people.

The other day, a young gentleman walked up to me and said, “Oh, you’re George’s mom!” I, as always, beamed with pride, and said yep, that’s me! I thought, “Someone knows who I am!” Still clinging to that title I’ve carried as an identity for 26 years now.

I will always wear those titles, until the day I die!

But on this day, I choose to italicize my name, Lisa Marie, and remember the most important caption of all- Child of God! Yes, I am a child of God! This is my identity, and it comes with desire, peace, enthusiasm, serenity, hope, energy and way more than I can put down!

I thought ‘who I am’ was wrapped up in titles and what I do, but I am very wrong. My identity is lovingly written on the palm of God’s hand. (Isaiah 49: 15-16). And so is yours!

I am a child of God. Forgiven and accepted. A beloved daughter of the great I am. He knew my name, Lisa Marie, long before my mother. He knows my heart intimately. God breathed this life into being, and by His grace I am set free. I can let go of the uncertainty, fear of never being an individual, for I am individually His!

There is no crisis in that!

**(please leave your thoughts, comments, and prayer requests below. You can also use the contact page!  Thank you for stopping by- Lisa)

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